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“We are a certified Google Partner Premier Agency, located in Toronto, Boston and Montreal. Google Partner Premier Agencies have increased contact with Google. They receive special information and support not available any other way. This helps Premier Partner Agencies deliver better results to their clients.”

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About Google Partners Premier Agencies

To date, few agencies have earned the coveted title of ‘Google Partners Premier’. We’re one of them, here in Montreal, Canada. The decision to award Google Partners Premier Agency status is made subjectively by Google, based on four unofficial criteria against which hopeful agencies are evaluated:

  • A growing customer base of small / medium sized businesses
  • A commitment to work for ongoing improvement of the performance of client accounts in collaboration with a strategist at Google
  • A commitment to provide phone and/or email customer support to the agency’s AdWords and other clients
  • Availability of operational infrastructure (billing, reporting, etc) to service customers adequately

Why Work with a Google Partners Premier Agency located in Montreal?

Google Partners Premier Agencies are regularly in contact with Google. They receive special information and support not available any other way. Google staff assists Premier Partner Agencies at all levels of their business, from technical support to accounts management and on-demand sectorial reports. This helps Premier Partner Agencies deliver better results to their clients.

Groupe Marketing Internet has been a Google Partners Premier Agency since 2014 and our Google specialists regularly meet with Google at their local downtown office in Montreal, located 5 minutes away from our own Montreal, Canada offices.

Why choose Google Partner GMI ?

As an AdWords Google Partner based in Montreal, the GMI team is perfectly bilingual and works both in French and English. This gives GMI the unique advantage of being able to discuss directly with the Google AdWords experts in the US and thus being the first to access the most advanced advice, getting the most recent sectoral reports and having access to the latest AdWords tools (still often in their beta version). Our French and English speaking customers can benefit from all these.

We take into account your marketing and sales objectives before creating your Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook campaigns.

We assess and review your current AdWords campaign in order to highlight the high potential targets, which are underexploited.

We carry out researches on your business sector and we evaluate your competitors’ performance on Google AdWords.

We perform an advanced keyword search to uncover missed business opportunities and we develop a new list of keywords by starting over again if required.

We accurately group keywords in targeted ad groups and we add specific operators to each keyword in order to increase the relevance and avoid any unnecessary cost.

We monitor the progress of your ad so that we can keep on improving the text, the keywords, the bids and other aspects of your campaign and therefore maximize the ROI at a minimum cost.

Every month, we run performance reports for your AdWords campaign. These reports allow us to identify the key strengths of your campaign – and also its weaknesses.

We analyse user search queries, which are entered on Google, and optimize your campaign for user intent. We don’t simulate or speculate.

We exclude all the terms which are irrelevant for your AdWords campaign using adwords « keyword exclusions » (or « negative keywords ») and we add new keywords if we think they will increase the number of relevant clicks and maximize the ROI of your campaign.


What would be the benefit of having your online ad showing up in the result of someone searching for “Free marketing advice” if you charge fees for those services? More than 80% of the PPC campaigns for which we organise an audit, don’t use the keyword exclusion method, for example the word “Free” in this case. Thus, these campaigns lose a valuable part of their advertising budget because of irrelevant and incorrect searches.

  • We are an AdWords Google Partner certified by Google: our team is directly in contact with the Google experts and stays constantly up-to-date on the latest technologies, news and by passing Google’s highest standards
  • We ensure that our customers reach their advertising goals. Since 2009, GMI has been synonymous with success for local and international businesses
  • We help you save time and money. As experienced AdWord specialists, we know exactly how to optimize click-through rates and conversions.

Want to find out more? Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your PPC Google AdWords campaign.

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