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“Instead of struggling to fill my order book, I am able to hand-pick the best clients.”

Stephan Beaulieu

Owner of Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu Inc., QC







Former school teacher Stephan Beaulieu loved woodworking and had a natural talent for creating gorgeous patio designs. That’s why he started Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu Inc.

Results achieved for

  • Established a stable stream of leads month-over-month 
  • Increased website conversion rates and telephone lead volumes
  • Doubled the probability to be seen on Google with a secondary micro-website
  • Instead of struggling to fill order books, now hand-picks only the best clients

For Stephan, three things were glaringly clear right from the beginning: 1. He wanted his patios to be built from wood coming from renewable resources; 2. He wanted his team of professional patio builders to put all their passion for perfection into each construction project they build; And 3. he wanted to grow his business.

Some 15 years later, Stephan wakes up each morning with the thought « Great! I am going to build something fantastic today. » Stephan’s dream for a successful business, a business that he loves, has come true. Today, he likes to refer to himself as « The happiest woodworker in Montreal.».

But it wasn’t always this way. Stephan’s business was good – but not awesome. Today he still remembers those sleepless nights, which he spent tossing and turning in his bed, wondering how to fill the order book for the next month. That was some five years ago, when he teamed up with us and put his Internet marketing on the right track.

« We sit down with each client to acquire a profound understanding of the business and its objectives. Based on that we devise a digital marketing strategy. Then… We deliver! » Stephan Becker, CEO


Pay-Per-Click Strategy:

Use Google AdWords as an ON/OFF button for “Leads in Time of Need”

“What do you do when bad weather and Google seem to work against you?”

When bad weather hits, inquiries for outdoor patio constructions ‘naturally’ drop. Inversely, bright sun and blue skies keep the phone ringing—these are the days when construction teams could potentially build more patios. Yet, for Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu Inc, adding new teams on the fly to cope with the spikes in demand is virtually impossible, as new teams need to be trained to meet the high professional standards of the company.

To make things worse, Google’s frequent changes to its search algorithms change the position of Client’s website in organic search results, affecting the visibility, the number of leads, and the revenue of the company.

These types of fluctuations make it a real challenge for SMB’s like Stephan’s to cope up, especially when planning for growth! Stephan needed a solution that would allow him to increase the number of leads month-over-month in a steady, predictable way.

What we did to help the client: 

  • We designed a Google AdWords campaign to « generate leads on demand ». Today, the client activates his AdWords campaigns with the click of a button, only when he needs to. What does the campaign look like? Glad you asked.


  • Return on ad spent (ROAS) of 2000%+ : For each 1$ spent on AdWords, Stephan Beaulieu gets over $20 of revenue.
  • Average click conversion rate : +13,4% (the AdWords average is 5.63%)

Average cost per converted click:

$9.60 (the average order amount is 15 000$)

Actually, it has been quite a while since we used AdWords for Stephan Beaulieu: His SEO strategy now delivers enough leads from Google to fill the order book – but more to that further down.


SEO Strategy:

Grow traffic on to get more web-based (read: low-cost) leads into the search funnel

“When Internet traffic is low, the most cost-effective solution for long-term success is to use authorized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and engage into quality content marketing.”

The wrong Search Engine Optimization techniques focus on shortcuts and forbidden tricks to manipulate search engine positions. Fortunately, Google algorithms have become more and more sophisticated at catching black-hat SEO and banishing such websites from the search results. Here’s some good advice: Putting your money in the hands of cheaters is a bad investment indeed.

What we did to help get the client more traffic and more business:

  • We designed an SEO campaign based on the important generic and local signals that Google Search bots track
  • We produced quality content using the right keywords and submitted this content to high-ranking, thematically relevant websites to build genuine, quality links
  • A few more expert tactics, and the results did not take long to materialize:


Page views increased by 126.9%


  • 67% more unique users
  • Almost 8 page-views per session, an increase of 35% from the year before
  • Most importantly, as the old saying goes « A rising tide lifts all boats », conversions from the inflated organic traffic were also on the ris

Local SEO

Local SEO strategy:

Make company appear in one of the top positions of Google Local Search Results.

“With Google preferring to display local businesses for searches that it perceives as local, it has become crucial to know how to rank locally.” 

What we did to achieve top positions in Google local Search Results: 

  • We created a “Google My Business Page” and got it validated by Google for Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu Inc.
  • We optimized company contact pages to send the right signals to Google
  • We boosted the ranking of the Google+ Page with relevant local SEO tactics and genuine, positive client reviews

Results : 

  • Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu appears in the top position in Google Local Search Results for over 10 local keywords

FREE local advertising

and getting phone calls without paying a dime

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy: Increase the number of relevant backlinks pointing to the website. Engage into content curation and improve internal linking.

“Backlinks pointing from thematically related websites to the client website are critical for achieving high rankings. Quality backlinks are the cornerstone of good SEO that delivers sustainable search rankings.”

Incoming links from websites commanding high domain authority (DA) or PageRank (PR) are the golden nuggets of modern-day search engine optimization. To get high quality links, websites depend on high quality, unique content, to which other websites or blogs would like to link.

Content marketing is the holy grail of relevant and natural inbound link building.

What we did to help the client get more links:

  • Developed a content marketing strategy based on quality blog articles written and published monthly
  • Optimized articles to aid the proper indexation and classification of pages into « themes » by search engines
  • Created internal links between articles to increase the relevancy of selected pages for specific search terms

Results obtained:

  • A sustained increase in referral traffic to website and blog
  • Consistent top organic ranking for multiple keywords
  • Increase brand authority and awareness
  • Additional traffic from social media

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Strategy: Produce and optimize a Best Practices Video to achieve a video ranking on the first page of for relevant keywords

“ Achieving a Google Page-1 video result with thumbnail is any company’s dream, but it’s not easy to obtain. The results cannot be guaranteed and the ranking is in Google’s discretion. ”

If achieving a Google first page result is great, securing a first page VIDEO result is awesome! Video results use thumbnails to stand out among text results – and get more clicks!

How we got a video ranked on Google Page-1

  • We produced a “Best Practices” video and published it to YouTube. Google actually loves Best Practices videos!
  • We optimized the video for relevant keywords without over-promoting the company
  • We promoted the video with appropriate SEO techniques

Results obtained:

  • Client’s ‘Best Practices’ video ranks on Google Page-1 for relevant search terms
  • The video assists conversions on the client’s website and supports their branding efforts

Video Marketing

SEO Strategy: Produce a microsite to make company appear twice for relevant search terms on Google’s 1st page search results (SERP)

“Getting discovered twice during organic web searches for the relevant search terms could double your chances to attract and convert leads, right? Well, turns out there is even more to it.“

Google’s algorithm generally prevents companies from appearing twice for the same search in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) – especially on Google’s coveted first page. While this is true for a single domain, there are ways to find legitimate work-arounds that find Google’s approval. In fact, Amazon’s entire SEO strategy is built around a very clever technique which adds value to Google Search results while at the same time linking back to Amazon from numerous secondary micro-websites.

What we did to get ranked twice:

  • Hosted a dedicated and thematically related micro-website on a strategically selected domain name
  • Added genuine value to the site and optimized it to attract Google bots as well as customers
  • Linked the micro-website to clients main website
  • And many other totally legal things that we can’t reveal on this page; you could call them business secrets 

Results obtained in 6 month: 

  • Make company appear twice in top positions on Google search results pages
  • Awesome traffic: +230 000 visits in the first 12 months!
  • Link juice forwarded to the corporate client domain

Results achieved for

  • Established a stable stream of leads month-over-month
  • Increased website conversion rates and telephone lead volumes
  • Doubled the probability to be seen on Google with a secondary micro-website
  • Instead of struggling to fill order books, now hand-picks only the best clients

Real Clients, Real Results:





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